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Archived Essays and Interviews

Ronald Firbank: Aggressive, Witty, and Unrelenting by Don Adams
Confessions of a Blog Addict. Or Why I Love to Hate and by Anonymous
The Federal Marriage Amendment Threatens the Foundations of the U.S. Constitution by Gordon A. Babst
Introducing Gentleman Jigger by Keith Boykin
Narratives of Queer Desire by Margaret Sönser Breen
Angela Brinskele on Her Work Preserving Pride by Wik Wikholm
A Letter from Ensan Case by Ensan Case
Queer History/American History by Vicki Eaklor
Days and Nights with Henry Darger by Jim Elledge
Found History: Letters to One Magazine by Chris Freeman
Chris Freeman on Loving West Hollywood by Wik Wikholm
Terrence McNally: Theater as Connection by Raymond-Jean Frontain
Pilar Gallego and Cora Lambert on Pink and Bent by Wik Wikholm
The Interview as Cruising Ground by Christopher Hennessy
Re-Turning to the Bible: Theodore Jennings, Jr.'s Homoerotic Interpretations of the Western Canon by Tony Hoshaw
You Are Not the Playwright I Was Expecting: Tennessee Williams's Late Plays by Thomas Keith
The English Seeker and His Secret Identity: Michael Dillon in India by Pagan Kennedy
Out Running. Or How I Became a French Quarter Character by George Koschel
Carolyn Laub: Organizing and Empowering GSAs by Wik Wikholm
Merle Miller's Closet by Paul Morton
The Best American War Novel about Love between Men: An Appreciation of Ensan Case's Wingmen by Eric Patterson
"My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys": Men Who Love Men, Westerns, and Brokeback Mountain by Eric Patterson
Telling Our Stories. Or Why Transformation Stories are Important by Gilbert Rossing
Mystery Man: Talking with Christopher Rice by Craig Kaczorowski
"Under the Skin" of New Mexico: The Life, Times, and Art of Cady Wells by Lois Rudnick
Bulldykes, Drag Queens, and Gangsters: Pre-Stonewall Activism in the City of Broad Shoulders by Victoria Shannon
Dirk Bogarde's Gamble: Victim Revisited by Patricia Juliana Smith
Jo Becker and Dale Carpenter: Two Cases, Two Books by Claude Summers
A Single Man: Ford's Film / Isherwood's Novel by Claude J. Summers
Why We Decided to Marry on our 50th Anniversary by Claude Summers and Ted-Larry Pebworth
Obama and the Gays by Claude J. Summers
Portrait of a Marriage, Portrait of an Artist: Chris and Don: A Love Story by Claude J. Summers
Public Personae, Private Lies: Bisexuality in Honor Moore's Memoirs by Thomas Uskali
A Life Lived in Technicolor: Sean Strub's Body Counts by Thomas Uskali
Imaging Derek Jarman: A Friendship in the Age of AIDS by Leland Wheeler